The uSCOPE MXII digital microscope
The uSCOPE MXII microscope is a slide digitizer, which allows you to take overlapping pictures to be stitched together into a larger final image.
White balance and image quality
Automatic white balance can greatly increase the information content of the images, it can also introduce color artifacts, however.
High speed micrography – stinging nematocysts of a jelly fish
Here is an embedded Youtube video which shows some high speed photography.
What makes a good micrograph?
What determines the quality of a micrograph? Some things are a question of taste. But there are some parameters that appear over and over again in micrographs that win competitions.
What is stacking?
Stacking is a digital method in which different images with different focus are combined into one final sharp image.
What is high dynamic range (HDR) imaging?
HDR imaging combines several individual pictures, so that there is detail visible in both bright and dark areas. It increases the dynamic range of the picture.
How can micrographs be stitched together?
Stitching is the combining of several overlapping pictures into one final larger picture. Panorama software can be used for this.
How can the contrast of micrographs be improved?
Contrast can be adjusted with the "levels" or historgram function of image editing programs.
How can I connect a camera to the microscope?
Sooner or later you might be interested in documenting your microscopic observations with a camera. Digital cameras make this much easier (and cheaper!) than before, but connecting a camera to a microscope can be a little bit complicated if you do not have the right microscope to camera adapter.
How can camera vibrations be reduced?
Camera vibrations can become a problem if the exposure time is too long. There are several ways how you can reduce them.