[MH016] What is Life?
Life can not be defined, it can only be described. Find out why in this podcast episode!
[MH015] Why are there different cells in one organism?
Why are there different cell types if all cells of an organism have the same DNA?
[MH014] Which microscope for biotechnology?
Here I am answering a question from a viewer, who wanted to know which microscope he/she should buy as a student of Biotechnology.
[MH013] Should I buy a used microscope?
Buying a used microscope can be a good deal, but it is not only the price and quality that should be considered.
[MH012] Advice for microscope retailers and manufacturers
In this episode, I mention the following recommendations: Reduce the number of microscopes offered on the product pages and catalogs Focus on what you can do with the microscope and not the technical specifications Build an ecosystem around the microscope: Read More ...
[MH011] Used or new microscope – which one to buy?
Is it better to buy a used microscope or a new one? While much depends on individual requirements, I would recommend to beginners to buy used microscopes if you buy it from a retailer/dealer, who can guarantee that it operates well mechanically.
[MH010] Infinity vs 160 microscope optics
During the last years, major microscope manufacturers have moved from the traditional 160mm system to infinity optics. Why did they do that?
[MH009] Connecting a mobile phone camera to a microscope with a stand
Getting a solid and stable connection between a microscope and a mobile phone camera is not easy, so I decided not to directly connect them at all but to put the camera on a separate stand.
[MH008] How do you connect a microscope to a computer?
A microscope camera can be used to connect the microscope via a USB cable. This gives a live image.
[MH007] Is sample preparation necessary for microscopy?
Sample preparation can be complicated, but it is not always needed when observing specimens.