[MH006] What magnification do you need for microscopy?
How much magnification do you need? What can you see with what objective? I will discuss these questions in this episode.
[MH005] The home laboratory for amateur microscopy
While a home laboratory is not necessary to do microscopy, there can be some advantages. Often you do not even need a separate room, however.
[MH004] Finite vs infinity optical systems
In this episode I will explain the differences between finite and infinity optical standards.
[MH003] The choice of a microscope is also subjective
The choice of a microscope is not always a rational decision, but also includes subjective components.
[MH002] Should I buy a stereo or a compound microscope?
Here we will have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the different microscope types.
[MH001] What is amateur microscopy?
Amater microscopy is the use of microscopes as a hobby. There are many activities that amateur microscopists do.