How to make microscope slides
A short tutorial on how to prepare microscope slides for observation.
How to find specimens for your microscope
In front of you: your new microscope. You are eager to test it and wonder what you should look at. Of course you would first look at the permanent slides that came along with your microscope. But sooner or later Read More ...
Why a mounting medium is important
The refractive indes (RI) of the mounting medium can have a significant impact on the image quality.
How do you make dry-mounted permanent slides?
Dry mounted permanent slides do not use a liquid mounting medium. The cover glass has to be held in place in another way.
Growing Algae in a Jar
A drop of inorganic fertilizer greatly enhances the growth of algae in a mini-aquarium.
How to make a permanent microscope slide
An overview of the specimen preparation steps and choice of mounting medium for making a permanent slide for microscopy
How can specimens be prepared for observation?
Some specimens might not fit on a microscope slide. Here are some suggestions on what you can do.
What are the different kinds of microscope slides?
Microscope slides can be classified into different categories. I want to give you a short overview here.
Using clear nail polish to make impressions of plant leaves
Apply some nail polish to make impressions of leaves. This way you can observe the epidermis of the leaf.
Safety issues in Microscopy
Safety issues in microscopy are not only relevant to amateur microscopists, but also for teachers who want to conduct basic microbiological and microscopic work in a school laboratory. In this case the organisms are alive and depending on the type of organism, they may pose a possible health hazard. The post addresses some of the safety issues that should be taken into consideration.