Microscopy Accessories
There are different ways of approaching amateur microscopy. Some people like to mostly prepare their own slides, while others prefer to look at ready-made commercial slides. The accessories that you need therefore depend on which direction the hobby will take Read More ...
The Complete Guide to Connecting a Camera to a Microscope
Microscopy is a very visual activity and being able to make photos or videos of the things that you see opens many more possibilities. You can then share your observations online and this way you can also ask the community Read More ...
Buying stereo microscopes
I give some advice concerning the type of lighting, and camera adaptations and a few more things as well.
🔬 MICROSCOPE EYEPIECES: How are they different?
The factors that determine microscope eyepiece quality.
Enjoying Microscopy as a Hobby
Different resources for the hobby microscopist.
Tiny worms are squashed by air bubbles – saved!
No animals were harmed in the making of this film! The freshwater worm Aeolosoma is about 2mm long and very flexible. I got several of them from a sample of algae from a local lake. And I played around with Read More ...