These cells crawl around in your body and keep you healthy
Phagocytes are white blood cells that engulf bacteria that have found their way into the body. They are part of cellular immunity. In this video we can see them move about. If you want to see them yourself, here are Read More ...
Why you should NOT be worried about microscopic worms (Morgellons) in your Face Mask
Some people are worried about moving worms on a face mask. But these are not worms. They are textile fibers from clothing. I will show you, how you can isolate thousands (!) of them and how to make them move Read More ...
Blood like you have never seen before!
I put some blood under the microscope and added salt water and distilled water to it. Due to osmosis, the shape of the red blood cells (erythrocytes) changed.
My body cells under the microscope
Today I put a few of my body cells under the microscope and observe it using brightfield, phase contrast and DIC.
Using a CENTRIFUGE to concentrate ALGAE for microscopy
Sometimes the concentration of planktonic algae is low. A centrifuge is useful in this case. But it might not be absolutely necessary.
Water microscopy: microbes you can find (maybe the longest water microscopy video on YouTube)
In this video I show you not only some water samples under the microscope, but I also explain the characteristics of life.
Why are there algae growing in my water bottle?
There was some green stuff growing on the inside of my water bottle. A biofilm of algae and bacteria. In this video I will have a look on how it looks like under the microscope.
I am making KEFIR and put it under the microscope
Many bacteria and yeasts in Kefir. Here I have a closer look at them. And I also make Kefir!
How to find WATER BEARS (Tardigrades) and why they are now also on the moon
How Water Bears were discovered and also some other interesting facts.
Microorganisms from Ice Water | How To | The importance of correct temperature 🔬 178
Here I show you what you can do if you find too few microorganisms in cold water.