How to put SNOW under the microscope (without taking the microscope out into the cold)
Here I explain to you how to make a permanent microscope slide of snow.
🔬 Growing AMOEBA for microscopy
Here I show you a method of growing amoeba so that they become easier to observe under the microscope.
🔬 CYCLOPS: Where to find them and how to put them under the microscope
These are small freshwater crustaceans. They look nice under the microscope.
🔬 AMOEBA: Where you can find them for your microscope
Watching amoebae under the microscope is fun. But you first have to find them.
🔬 CELL DIVISION: how to watch it under the microscope
Protozoa can be made to divide by giving them some food. Here I show you how.
🔬 FUNGUS? Is this bread safe? Using a microscope to find out
Checking food to see if mold grows on it or something else
🔬 ROTIFERS: Males are obsolete because they reproduce asexually
Unlike many other animals, rotifers mostly reproduce asexually.
🔬 RAMEN: Instant Noodles under the microscope
Instant noodle soup has many tiny oil droplets. Why are they round?
🔬 BACTERIA: these are spiral-shaped
Spiral bacteria move like a cork screw.
🔬 ALGAE: why they are important for life on earth
Algae produce a large amount of oxygen by photosynthesis.