🔬 Different types of Microscope Eyepieces (oculars)
There are different types of microscope eyepieces and in this video I want to show them to you and also on how to take them apart for cleaning.
🔬 How to find out if the microscope objective is dirty
What to do when you do not see anything with the microscope. Maybe the objective is dirty, but how can you find out?
🔬 Advice on Microscopy Youtube Channels
If you want to start a microscopy Youtube channel, here is some advice.
🔬 How to sterilize equipment such as petri dishes
There are different ways of sterilizing labware and culture media. I want to give an overview here.
🔬 Why are metallurgical microscopes not more common?
Metallurgical microscopes have an optical system that illuminates the specimen through the objective.
🔬 How many megapixels does a microscope camera need?
1MP or 5MP or DSLR? What's the best solution to take pictures with a microscope?
🔬 How to make a simple microscope
I show you how to make a magnifying lens. It is possible to see individual cells with this microscope.
How are microscope objectives different?
The differences between Achromatic, Fluorite, Apochromatic (APO) and Super Apochromatic (SAPO) microscope objectives
🔬 STARCH: Iodine staining explained
Adding Lugol’s solution (iodine and potassium iodide) to starch will stain it dark purple. This reaction can also be observed under the microscope, when adding iodine to a banana and to potatos. The starch grains will turn black even before Read More ...
🔬 USB Microscope 5 things I liked and what I did not like
There are several things that I like and dislike about the USB microscope. Here I list 5 points that I liked and 5 points that I did not like as much. The microscope is very cheap, and it works. Affiliate Read More ...