🔬 TOY MICROSCOPE: Comparing it with a “REAL” Microscope
How good are toy microscopes? Comparing different microscopes to each other. I collect a pond water sample and put it under three different microscopes.
🔬 POND WATER: microscope slide making
There are thousands of microorganisms living in pond scum. It’s always worth to have a look. In this amateur biology video I am preparing two temporarily mounted microscope slides of algae that I collected.
🔬 ONION CELL NUCLEUS: easy staining protocol
In this simple and fun science experiment, I show you how to stain the nuclei of onion cells so that you can observe them under the microscope. You need alcohol (to remove the water from the cells), ink and water Read More ...
🔬 EVERYDAY OBJECTS look disgusting under a Stereo Microscope | Amateur Microscopy
The stereo microscope reveals much dirt sticking to everyday objects. Scratching off and removing this dirt can be indeed a satisfying activity. Here I scratch the surface of different objects with a sharp needle to remove some of the dirt.
🔬 144 – How to grow ALGAE at home for microscopy | Amateur Microscopy
I show you how to make an enrichment culture. This way you always have enough specimens to observe at home under your microscope. An amateur science project for the biology enthusiast!
🔬 USB Microscope 5 things I liked and what I did not like
There are several things that I like and dislike about the USB microscope. Here I list 5 points that I liked and 5 points that I did not like as much. The microscope is very cheap, and it works. Affiliate Read More ...
🔬 143 – INFECTED and INVADED – This worm is ill
Here I show you some ciliates that have infected a worm. I also show you how I made a plankton net to filter out algae and other microorganisms from flowing water. I found a small worm and in it I Read More ...
🔬 142 – How do MOSQUITO LARVAE look under the microscope? | Amateur Microscopy
Here is another amateur science project: Observing the larvae of mosquitos (and other insects) Mosquitos need stagnant water to reproduce. The larvae will grow in water and after metamorphosis, the adult mosquitos will come out. The larvae are somewhat transparent Read More ...
🔬 The FoldScope single lens microscope – a closer look
Is the Foldscope microscope suitable for Amateur Microscopy and Citizen Science? I ordered a Foldscope and in this video I am putting it together and show you how it performs. ***** PLEASE SUPPORT ! ***** I am fundraising for a Read More ...
🔬 141 – How to observe Urine under the microscope
The minerals in urine form interesting crystals. In this video I will show you several of them in brightfield, phase contrast, polarization and oblique illumination.