The uSCOPE MXII digital microscope
The uSCOPE MXII microscope is a slide digitizer, which allows you to take overlapping pictures to be stitched together into a larger final image.
Creating Image Mosaics
Image mosaics are composed of many individual tiles, which are color-matched.
Muscle fibers in the tongue of a rabbit
The zoomable image shows the cross-section through the tongue of a rabbit. The muscles fibers and taste buds are visible.
Pumpkin stem
The image shows a cross section through the stem of a pumpkin. Pumpkins belong to the dicotyledonous plants. The circular arrangement of the vascular tissue indicates this. Fifty five individual images were stitched together to make this zoomable image. The Read More ...
Artery and vein cross-section
Zoom in and out! The zoomable image (Flash required) shows the cross section of an artery and a vein.
Cell division (mitosis) in the apical meristem of onion root tips
The zoom image shows two onion root tips, an ideal place to observe the different stages of mitosis.
Online Virtual Microscopes
I'd like to give you a quick evaluation of some online virtual microscopes and microscope simulations that I found.
Virtual microscope: Male flower of a pine tree (Pinus)
The male pine cone (or flower) is responsible for forming pollen. These pollen grains are also visible in the image above. For a zoom-able image of a female pine cone, visit the following link:
Virtual Microscope: Cross section of the earth worm (Lumbricus terrestris)
The image above shows Lumbricus terrestris, the earth worm, in cross section. The red part in the center is the digestive system. You can zoom into the image. The only adjustment done to the image was a color correction. The Read More ...
Virtual microscope: dandelion parachute
Here is a large image of a dandelion seed. Happy exploring!