Cell division (mitosis) in the apical meristem of onion root tips

The apical meristem is the quickly growing part of the roots and shoots of plants. It is an ideal place to observe many dividing cells. The zoom image shows two onion root tips. Try to find the different stages of mitosis, in which the chromosomes are then clearly visible. Compare the cell division stages of the onion with those in the lily: Mitosis stages of the Lily

3 thoughts on “Cell division (mitosis) in the apical meristem of onion root tips”

  1. Beautiful & helpful for the beginners to gain confidence in cell staining for studying mitosis. I am not fully agreed with Gary’s comment as though mitosis is different from cell division as one is internal preparation(mitosis) before the final conclusion(cell division), but if we say they are two different process will create unnecessary confusion among the students..The cell cycle stages they will learn themselves.

  2. Mitosis (AKA karyokinesis) is chromosome replication and NUCLEAR division, not cell division (cytokinesis). While mitosis and cell division usually occur at the same time, they are not the same process.

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