How to find WATER BEARS (Tardigrades) and why they are now also on the moon

Here I talk about the discovery of Tardigrades (Water Bears or Moss Piglets), where you can find them and why a few thousand of them are now on the moon. The word “Tardigrade” means “slow walker”. They are their own animal phylum. They are very resilient, this means that they are able to withstand extreme environmental conditions, such as dryness, extreme pressure or low temperature. Water Bears like to cling to a surface. They can be easily found on moss, but make sure that the moss is sufficiently moist and keep it moist for a few days to allow the Tardigrades to wake up.

The maximum objective that I used to make this video was 60x, but they can also be seen well with the 10x objective.

File for 3D printing a Tardigrade
Dried Tardigrade coming back to life
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