Introducing the Microscopy Forum

I’ve now installed a microscopy forum which adds an extra level of organization by pre-defining certain categories. It is also not necessary to register in order to use the forum.

While mailing list services (such as the amateur microscopy group in Yahoo Groups) is a great installment, I found it difficult to find things that I’m looking for. This is due to the organization of the mailing list. There are individual threads and as soon as the discussion of a topic is finished, the thread starts to move into the background and quickly disappears out of sight.

It can take time until there are enough forum posts. I therefore encourage everyone to contribute to the forum, to make it an active platform for enthusiast microscopists.

2 thoughts on “Introducing the Microscopy Forum”

  1. Hi! I am looking for advice and help in purchasing a dark field microscope to do live blood analysis on humans and animals. There is a second hand Bradford Institute BVPM (potentially outdated, and over-modified with plastic parts), or a new OlympusCX that are appealing. I owned a cheaper ($1500) China model that I regretted purchasing as the imaging was never percise, and it was devoid of any colours. Does anybody have any experience with different scopes for this purpose? I am looking at spending $7000 max, for everything (camera…).
    Ummm, I am a big fan of mycorhyzal and micelium. Ahh, if we all were so connected!

  2. Current member of the Yahoo! group,as well as Microscopy UK.I’m an untrained enthusiast building(amassing) a stash of scopes and literature and contacts to conform to my own fantasy of what is right in the world.I’m a shroomer on the hunt for the Big Majestical Mystical Mushroom and the only threads I follow are the Hyphae leading to the Magical Mother of all the Mushroom Kingdom.I am a burrowing animal which seeks his shelter among the roots of large trees,munching on those truffulous protubers,the fruits of the mycorhyzal entanglings which strange tastes liken to that of the Earth.

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