Junior Scope


As of the writing of this article the Omano Junior Scope is out of stock, but I recommend that to check the product page anyway or to get a microscope with similar features. Alternatively you might want to check out the Telmu Microscope or some other introductory microscopes found in my Amazon Affiliate Shop. The Junior Scope is targeted towards children, but why should adults not also have fun with an introductory microscope?

This microscope is different from other introductory microscopes because it only has one single focus knob (I guess to keep it simple for children). It is only battery operated.

One thing that I liked about this set is, that a whole set of colorful instruction plates with instructions and observation ideas were included. This is also important for parents, who want to show their kids on how to use the microscope. I personally consider these instruction cards more useful than the large number of accessories that are often included in toy microscopes.

Product link: Junior Scope