Microbehunter Magazine (Issue 48)


Issue 48, (June 2015)
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At this point I would also like to encourage all readers to participate by writing articles (short and long). Read the submissions page for more information.


Outdoor microcosm in winter
Microcosms allow you to do microscopy even during the cold winter months.
Charles Guevara

New life for an old microscope
Fitting new objectives and a digital camera to a 1946 microscope
Carl Hennig

Introducing the Arlow-Abbe digital condenser
Introducing a modified Abbe condenser with a digital display as a light source.
Jim Arlow

The stain Safranin can by crystallized and observed under polarized light.
Carl Hennig

Images by Jim Tallon, Forbes Pettigrew, Rashid Nassar and Oliver Kim