Microbehunter Magazine (Issue 49)


Issue 49, (August 2015)
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Stereoscopic images of sugar and salt
With a bit of practice, you can view images of sugar and salt in 3D without special glasses.
Oliver Kim

Glowing Coltsfoot flowers: UV-induced visible fluorescence
Ultraviolet light reveals spectacular colorful fluorescence of Coltsfoot inflorescences, which beauty can be fully appreciated only under the magnification of a microscope.
Oleksandr Holovachov

Polarized microscope images
Breath new life into your microscope hobby. Here is a new way to view many of the same subjects you have looked at before.
Jim Tallon

The melanomacrophages in a spleen of a common carp
Both staining and auto fluorescence can be used to visualize the spleen cells.
Stanislav Antonov

Gneiss, a metamorphic rock and term used to designate the texture and extent to which a rock has been changed.
Carl Hennig

Water life and Haematococcus images.
Jim Tallon and R. Nassar

Springtime mudpuppies and kits
Mudpuppies are salamanders that live an entirely aquatic life-style.
Charles E. Guevara