MicrobeHunter Magazine (May 2014)


Volume 4, Number 5, May 2014
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Bacillariophyceae – Diatoms
Diatoms have intricate cell walls made of silica.
Oliver Kim

Quartzite… a Chameleon.

This is the a second of a series of photos of thin section minerals, crystals and other non-biological microscope slides.
Carl Hennig

How did Gammerus get in there?
Some thoughts on Gammerus crustaceans thriving underneath our past glaciers
Charles Guevara

Yogurt. Stress and strain relief for the microscopist

The long route to strain relief .
Carl Hennig

Serious toy – the making of a LEGO microscope.
I have rediscovered my almost forgotten love for LEGO. After years of idleness, it is time to pick up the bricks again.
By Oliver Kim

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