Microscope Camera (5MP)


Name: Summit SK2-5.2X 5.0MP PC/MAC Digital Microscope Camera
Brand: OptixCam
Resolution: 5MP
Sensor size: 1/2.5
Optics: 0.5x reducing lens
Tube diameter: 23mm (fits into standard microscope tubes)
Product link: Microscope.com


This microscope camera can be mounted either instead of an eyepiece or on the trinocular head (phototube) of the microscope. The camera has a solid metal body and it is not a light-weight. It can also can be connected to a tripod for additional support (eg. for small microscopes). The resolution is more than enough to capture the full image information from a microscope. More megapixels would not produce a better image. The supplied software is the common software from ToupView and over that software it is possible to fully control the camera (automatic and manual). Because the shutter is electronic, there is no vibration (like in all microscope cameras like these). It is a USB 2 camera and this means that it is not possible to capture full HD videos at full frame rate (USB 2 is too slow for this, not a problem of the camera per-se). Fluid video is possible at a lower resolution and this makes it also suitable for a live display of the image on a computer screen.