Ridiculous Foldscope upgrade

Here you can discuss DIY adaptations to the microscope.
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Ridiculous Foldscope upgrade

#1 Post by MethyleneBlue » Wed Jul 06, 2022 1:37 pm

Everything attaches using magnets

Fully assembled - https://ibb.co/8PHWN7D

Pointing your foldscope at the ceiling light can be hard. Instead of buying a dedicated foldscope brand light source, I made my own for cheaper

Light source - https://ibb.co/dg7y96y
- https://ibb.co/gPCbhmB

Everyone knows the lens of the foldscope is very small, at 0.5mm. It is a pain to look through it. I designed a double lens eyepiece that has a comfortable 22mm size. The eyepiece also doubles as a stereo microscope but without the stereoscopic view.

Eyepiece - https://ibb.co/Bq0rNtB
- https://ibb.co/S0wzZ8b

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Re: Ridiculous Foldscope upgrade

#2 Post by Wauter » Fri Jul 15, 2022 8:20 am

I like your use of the '3d drawing pen' to make the light housing, looking pretty neat.

What kind of performance are you getting out of your mod?

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