Ciliate - Who am I?

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Ciliate - Who am I?

#1 Post by Chainsaw_DNA » Sat Jun 19, 2021 6:44 pm

A water sample from the local pond revealed this ciliate.
Magnification is 400x

I tracked it all the way to the end of its life and would like to post a complete video on YouTube, but I don't know what this ciliate is called.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Ciliate - Who am I?

#2 Post by lagoonatic » Mon Jun 28, 2021 2:12 pm

Nice video - though other than "ciliated protozoan," I'm not much help.
Here are a couple of wonderful resources for ciliates: ... li0100.htm

Bruce Taylor
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Re: Ciliate - Who am I?

#3 Post by Bruce Taylor » Wed Jun 30, 2021 2:17 am

The mouth (cytostome) is visible (lateral, in the anterior of the cell), but we don't see much. This is probably a hymenostome, and Glaucoma is likely. However, reliable identification would begin with a clearer view of oral structures.

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