Cannot search for 'amoeba'

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Cannot search for 'amoeba'

#1 Post by Sjeiti » Sat Jun 11, 2022 9:27 am

It's a pity that a lot of on-topic subjects are unsearchable: ... rds=amoeba

results in
The following words in your search query were ignored because they are too common words: amoeba.
You must specify at least one word to search for. Each word must consist of at least 3 characters and must not contain more than 14 characters excluding wildcards.
A quick test:

- works: cilliate, tardigrade, paramecium, cell, worm, microbe, diatom
- fails: rotifer, objective, eyepiece, lens, camera, slide, diatoms

(which also indicates PHPBB's search is not very smart since it does not register 'diatom' to be similar to 'diatoms')

I am not very familiar with PHPBB but maybe there is some way to remove common words after rebuild? Maybe some other search backend has this functionality?

I guess we could always use this search term in our favorite search engine: amoeba site:
But it would be nice to search it from the forum itself.

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Re: Cannot search for 'amoeba'

#2 Post by imkap » Sat Jun 11, 2022 11:05 am

You can do a search in an Internet search engine and write 'amoeba'

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