New Microscopy Wiki!

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New Microscopy Wiki!

#1 Post by admin » Sat May 15, 2021 8:23 am

Dear Microscopy Community!

There is so much knowledge about microscopy in the community. I have started a Wiki where we can collect microscopy-related information and links:

Sometimes old forum posts get lost "in history" or can not be easily found anymore and a Wiki is a much more organized way of making this information accessible. I have started the Wiki based on the suggestion of a community member (thank you!!) and I think it is a really great idea. Please help build this new resource!

All the best, Oliver
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Re: New Microscopy Wiki!

#2 Post by PeteM » Sat May 15, 2021 5:09 pm

Sounds like a great addition. Thanks, Oliver.

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Re: New Microscopy Wiki!

#3 Post by Javier » Sun May 16, 2021 2:17 pm

That is great. Thank you!

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Re: New Microscopy Wiki!

#4 Post by perrywespa » Sun May 16, 2021 5:58 pm

Thanks, Oliver. One more reason this is my favorite forum!
Insatiably curious.

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