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Forum Rules!

#1 Post by admin » Fri Nov 25, 2016 10:51 pm

These rules are occasionally updated, therefore if is the obligation of every forum user to check this post regularly.

1. No bad language of any kind.
2. No personal attacks of any kind. This includes ridicule, condescending remarks or threats.
3. No criticism of products that you are not satisfied with. This is for legal protection.
4. No plagiarism of any kind. This includes the upload of images that you do not own, recopying of text.
5. No posts that are not microscopy-related. Posts that have a connection to microscopy but can not be categorized elsewhere can be posted into the "Off-topic" section.
6. No posts with the only intent of advertising. Sometimes links are to products are useful for microscopy. In this case I will make a decision.
7. No abuse of the personal messaging system (no spam, no attacks, no nothing)
8. No false information or pseudoscience. Stuff relating to live blood darkfield microscopy will be removed, as it is medically misleading and therefore dangerous.
9. No medical advice should be given and posters should not ask for medical advice.

If you encounter a post that you think might violate the rules, then please click the "notify" button, so that I can have a look into this issue.

1. Failure to adhere to these rules results in a warning issued over the personal messaging system and if there is no improvement, in temporary or permanent exclusion from the forum.
2. Problematic posts and/or threads will be removed without warning in whole. I will not edit the post.
3. I will keep track of the violations of the forum members.
4. Be aware that an exclusion from the forum will also lock you out from accessing your personal messages (PM) and you will not be able to make edits to your posts. This is the risk of the user.

1. Keep image size appropriate. Crop away parts that are not relevant.
2. If possible use an external image hosting site and then link the image to save server space (which is limited per user anyway).
3. Search the forum first for answers to your questions before you post a question.
4. Only post if the content is of value to readers.

Other issues
1. I can not guarantee the flawless operation of the forum.
2. If the server crashes and your posts and images are gone, then the forum owner is not liable. You have to make backups of the data.
Science may set limits to knowledge, but should not set limits to imagination.
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