Zeiss Opton Microscope CMOS Camera adapter

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Istvan Sabo
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Zeiss Opton Microscope CMOS Camera adapter

#1 Post by Istvan Sabo » Sun Apr 09, 2017 11:09 am

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Hi all,
I have a Zeiss Opton Universal Research Microscope, with photo tube mounting end size of 43mm.
I am looking for the 0.5x,or 1.0x adapter the CMOS 14MP camera with 1/2.3 Panasonic sensor.
Anybody have some input?

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Re: Zeiss Opton Microscope CMOS Camera adapter

#2 Post by Oktagon » Sun Apr 09, 2017 8:00 pm

Another owner of beautiful Zeiss Universal !!! Great instruments, adaptable to just about anything (hence the name).

Actually I just looked at your photo, and your microscope is not Universal. It is Photomicroscope III with "special illuminator", a very expensive option which allowed use of 200W lamps as well as mercury arcs.
Most, but not all accessories for Universal will work on Photomic. There has been long talk about someone manufacturing a digital version of the internal 35mm camera.
Almost any adapter will work. If you have one of the telescopic phototubes, you just need a ste-down adapter to fit c-mount threads on the camera and pretty much any projective.

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