Diatom test slide continued...

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neal Shields
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Diatom test slide continued...

#1 Post by neal Shields » Tue Jan 17, 2023 7:21 pm

I was trying to use the instructions for the test slide version 2 with the version 1 slide. ( i didn't order what I intended to order)

It works better when you read the label.

Now that I know what I am suppose to be looking for,( and what it looks like when you get it right) my big take away is:

It isn't about finding out how good your microscope is as much as finding out how good YOU can be with your microscope.

I learned that to get the most out of my microscope it has to be fine tuned.

Kohler has to be prefect and with Phase, a slight misalignment will significantly hamper your results.

I also learned that white light vs blue light makes a great deal of difference.


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