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AmScope SM-1TZ

The SM-1 Series of stereo microscope comes in many different combinations of features. They all have zoom objectives (by turning a knob) and large wide-field eyepieces. This specific model comes with a large base plate but no lamp. You can use a desk lamp or buy an additional ring light (see below). The large base plate gives you much space to place your specimens, and it is also large enough to do dissections or electronic soldering. Additional Barlow lenses are included, one doubles, the other one halves the magnification.


  • Zoom objective 0.7x to 4.5x (giving a magnification of 7 to 45 without Barlow lens)
  • 2x Barlow increases magnification to 90x, 0.5x Barlow reduces the magnification but increases working distance.
  • Trinocular
  • Large base plate

>>> Video: Unpacking and review of this microscope <<


AmScope SM-2TZZ

This microscope is similar to the SM1-TZ, but comes with a lamp from the top and from the bottom. The intensity of the light can be regulated. In my opinion, a light from the bottom does not offer many additional benefits, as stereo microscopes are best used for specimens that are opaque (with light from the top). Bottom light can be useful for some specimens, however, especially if you want to look at microscope slides at lower magnification. In my view, a ring light is more powerful than the built-in lamp that we see in this microscope, but the advantage here is that the whole microscope is simply much more compact and more easily transported (in a classroom, for example), while at the same time giving different lighting options. You can always add an additional ring-light, should you need more brightness.


  • Zoom
  • Trinocular
  • Top and bottom illumination


AmScope SM-1BSX-64S

Here we see yet another variation of the SM-1 series (and many more variations can be found online on Amazon). This model comes with a ring-light from the top and a smaller base plate without a lamp. This model is binocular, without a phototube. thereby pushing the cost down.


  • Zoom
  • Binocular
  • With ring light
  • Small base plate


AmScope SE306R-P-LED

This is a compact stereo microscope with objectives that magnify 2x and 4x (resulting in a total magnification of 20x and 40x). There are two lamps, one from the bottom and one from the top. These lamps can be switched, but are not dimmable. Due to the compact and light construction, it can be carried around easily, and is therefore also useful for classroom use.


  • 20x and 40x total magnification
  • Top and bottom light
  • Small, light and compact


Ring Light for SM-1TZ

This ring light can be connected to an SM-1 series microscope. An adapter ring is included. The lamp is dimmable.