Omano OM36


The microscope has all of the essential features of a microscope for education and amateur use. The back of the microscope is thin enough for it to function as a grip for carrying it. The microscope comes with the commonly available silver-colored objectives, which can be exchanged (there are also 20x and 60x objectives available). The microscope uses an external power adapter. There are LED and Halogen versions available (choose LED to keep heat down) and the trinocular version does not cost much more than the binocular version. The microscope has an external power supply adapter, which reduces the voltage. Make sure that you get one that matches the power supply voltage of your country. One advantage of this microscope is that the arm of the microscope is not too think. This means that you can grip it with one hand. It is therefore more portable.

On a side note: The company does not advertise the microscope with unrealistically high magnifications, but with the realistic 40x-1000x. I just want to mention this positively.


Condenser drift: The condenser can be raised and lowered by a knob on the left side beneath the stage. If you experience condenser drift, then you can use a small hexagonal wrench to tighten two screws. Condenser drift is, when the condenser lowers itself under its own weight. This can happen due to temperature change when the lubrication oil changes its viscosity. There are two small holes (at 45 degree angle) with screws pushing against the axle beneath the stage.

Parfocality of the phototube: You can adjust the height of the phototube by screwing it in or out more. This makes sure that the picture that you get in the camera and the image that you see in the eyepiece are both in focus. Just like many other microscopes in this price category, there is no lever that allows you to re-direct the light between phototube and eyepieces (there is a permanent splitting of light). This means that some light is lost for visual observation for the benefit of attaching a camera on the phototube. Still the LED is bright enough.

Different objectives available: One serious advantage is the easy availability of  replacement objectives over the company (I am not affiliated with them). I have seen that they sell them over their online shop, and there is no need to order them from Aliexpress (takes long). I recommend that you exchange the 100x oil objective either with a 20x or a 60x objective, which have many more applications. Especially the 20x objective is ideal for observing water life. Insert the 20x objective between the 10x and 40x, you have to take the others out to do this. The magnification of the 20x is still low enough to be able to follow the fast movement of water microorganisms. If you want to look  deeper into cells of non-moving specimens (algae etc) then the 60x objective is better.

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