Parts of a Microtome

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A hand microtome (or cylinder microtome) is a device used to make thin cuts of a specimen for microscopic observations. In the video I am unpacking a new hand microtome and showing the different parts.

  • The clamp: This one is optional, but very useful. It holds the microtome to a table. It adds stability and convenience, thereby making the microtome cuts more reproducible.
  • The knife: This one looks like an old fashioned razor knife.
  • The microtome: It has a central hole into which to place the specimen. A screw at the opposite end moves a piston up, which in turn pushes the specimen up. The plate of the microtome acts as a guide for the knife.
  • The mold: A small brass cylinder serves as a mold for making paraffin blocks containing the specimen. This paraffin block is then inserted into the hole of the microtome.

3 thoughts on “Parts of a Microtome”

  1. Rich:
    It’s a hand microtome, there is one for sale on Ebay. And also you can probably buy from Nova-Tech International for less than $100.

  2. Rich,
    It’s a no-name device, so I have no idea who made it. Try to search for “hand microtome”, I did find a few on Ebay.

  3. I am trying to locate a bench mounted Microtome like the one shown in the video. Can you tell me who manufactures it, or where I can purchase it. I tried Amazon and eBay with no luck.


    Rich Amodei

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