Guide: Using microscopes

How to use a microscope
A step-by-step guide on how to use a microscope.
What are possible reasons for not seeing an image?
In this post I will outline some of the reasons why no clear image can be seen under the microscope.
Why should I not use the coarse focus knob for high-power objectives?
Use the coarse focus knob only with the 4x (low power) objectives.
What are the differences between brightfield, darkfield and phase contrast?
I also talk about Polarization, Oblique illumination, Rheinberg Illumination, DIC, and fluorescence microscopy.
Setting up a Home Laboratory for Microscopy
The home laboratory provides a safe working environment for microscopic investigations.
Using a Hemocytometer to Calculate Cell Size
A counting ĉamber (hemocytometer) can also be used to calculate the size of cells.
The hemocytometer (counting chamber)
A hemocytometer or counting chamber is used to count cell density. Here I show you how this is done.
How to make microscope filters
Here I show you how to make different filters for your microscope.
Microscope Slides and Cover Glasses
This post gives an overview over common microscope slides and cover glass standards.
Oblique Illumination
Oblique illumination is a contrast enhancing technique which can be realized with the use of home-made filters (patch stops) placed into the filter holder of the microscope condenser.
Microscope Maintenance
Microscopes are generally quite maintenance-free. Keeping it free of dust is, however, important.