What if I am a collector? Is there something in it for me as well?

If you like collecting things, here are some items that you might consider in the field of microscopy:

  • Collecting of slides: This is clear. Here are some suggestions: what about collecting insect wings from around the world? Pollen samples? Sand samples? Even dust! House dust often contains highly interesting specimens and is a good representation of a particular environment. Diatoms are also very nice specimens to collect as well.
  • Collecting of historic slides: During the Victorian times, amateur microscopy was quite popular in the UK and many microscope slides were made. These slides are now collectibles (and often not cheap)
  • Collecting of historic microscopes: Some amateurs have enough of them to open a museum. This is a slightly more advanced version of the hobby.
  • Collecting of micrographs: I take a lot of pictures through the microscope, the best ones I move to a separate folder. This is my personal micrograph collection, which I love to see growing. They also decorate my living room wall.
  • Collecting of observation notes: This is a bit obscure, I have to admit. Keep an observation diary (lab notebook) and record your observations. Proudly watch your notebook fill up as you add more entries….. Instead of writing down my observations into a notebook, I am now going to experiment with recording my observations on an mp3 recorder (a dictation device).