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  • I have presented some standard lab activities which are commonly done in schools. Note that ultimately the teacher himself/herself is responsible for the safety of the students. All activities should be carried out under adult supervision. I can not be held liable. I will assume no responsibility for damage (personal or to the equipment), death, or injury. Conduct labwork at your own risk. Even if a particular labwork is implied to be suitable for children, it must nevertheless be carried out under competent adult supervision.
  • Do not grow bacteria and fungi and do not decompose food for the purpose of obtaining fungi or bacteria for observation. In particular, do not grow microorganisms on meat or meat products or those isolated from your own body. They could be potentially pathogenic. For this reason, I have not included any methods that grow bacteria or fungi. The growth of microorganisms in general, should not be done in schools (and national laws may even forbid this). There is simply a high danger of contamination and the growth of pathogenic organisms.
  • Do not use volatile (or other harmful) substances in a school laboratory. Some stains are very strong and may irreversibly stain clothing. Do not use DNA stains, they are carcinogenic.
  • Be careful of sharp objects when doing microtome cuts. As a matter of fact, for safety reasons I do not recommend microtoming for young students.
  • I have included several microscopic techniques and methods in this website. I can not be held responsible for any damages done to your microscopic equipment. I can not even guarantee that the presented techniques work for you. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer at all times. And note that different microscope models work differently.