How to buy a microscope
Welcome to the world of hobby microscopy! The first step into this educational and exciting pastime is first to gather some information and then to buy a microscope. In this article, I want to give you a short overview of Read More ...
Making a LEGO Microscope
Making a microscope out of LEGO is not difficult and it works quite well.
Growing Algae in a Jar
A drop of inorganic fertilizer greatly enhances the growth of algae in a mini-aquarium.
How can I see tardigrades?
Tardigrades (water bears) can be found in moss.
Animated GIF of the leg of a honey bee (tarsus)
Focus animation of the leg of a bee.
How can I make a hay infusion?
Short answer: Don't. Do not make hay infusions, as this is too risky.
How do I correctly turn on the microscope?
Correctly switching on the microscope protects the light bulb and your eyes.
How to prepare squash specimen samples for microscopic observation
Squashing the specimens (instead of cutting them) is a fast and easy way to prepare specimens.
Heat-fixing and staining human cheek cells
Observing human cells is a good introductory activity to learn heat-fixing and staining.
Setting up a Home Laboratory for Microscopy
The home laboratory provides a safe working environment for microscopic investigations.