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I found only few interesting specimens. Why is that?
Some water samples have quite a low biodiversity. There are sometimes only a few dominant species. In this video, I want to explore, why this might be the case.
Ten common mistakes when using a microscope
Try to avoid these mistakes when using a microscope!
How to see WHITE BLOOD CELLS with a microscope
Some white blood cells (the polymorphnuclear granulocytes) have a lobed and irregularly shaped nucleus in them. I show you here a simple staining reaction, which allows you to see this.
Salt from a PINK LAKE under the microscope
I show you a salt lake and put salt crystals under the microscope. The lake is pink because of microorganisms that live in the salt water.
What’s the “best” microscope?
The best microscope is the one that you will use the most often. But on the more serious side: In this video, I will outline some quality considerations of microscopes, and this is not only limited to mechanical and optical Read More ...

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