The Swift SS110 introductory microscope
This microscope is very portable and low cost. It is good for beginners and for traveling.
Swift SW150 microscope
The Swift SW150 is a good low-cost microscope that will get you started in amateur microscopy.
The Complete Guide to Connecting a Camera to a Microscope
Microscopy is a very visual activity and being able to make photos or videos of the things that you see opens many more possibilities. You can then share your observations online and this way you can also ask the community Read More ...
Microscopes for Children
In my opinion, children under the age of 6 or 7 should not be given a microscope, but rather a decent magnifying glass. Children of that age do not yet have the coordination skills to operate a microscope. Of course Read More ...
Swift SW380T
The Swift SW380T is a trinocular microscope and I can give it a good recommendation, also because of its affordable price.
Omano OM36
The Omano OM36 microscope comes in a binocular or trinocular version. It is the brand of the company
General-purpose DSLR Adapter
Review of a no-name DSLR adapter for microscopes.
Microscope Camera (5MP)
Review of a 5 megapixel USB 2 microscope camera.
Review: Zoom Stereo Microscope
SZM Series Zoom Stereo Microscope
Telmu Microscope
Review: A low-cost introductory microscope for kids but also for those who want to try out microscopy.