Which Microscope slides and cover glasses?
There are different kinds of microscope slides and cover glasses and in this video I want to give you an overview of them. Buy slides and cover glasses
Should I exchange small objectives for large ones?
What are some issues to consider? Is an exchange of objectives worth it?
Upgrading a microscope to POLARIZED light microscopy
Improvised polarized light microscopy can be easily done. You only have to add two polarizing filters.
Recommended Take-along Microscopy Accessories | #Amateur Microscopy
Here’s a suggestion on some tools to take along on your microscopy trip.
How to put labels on microscope slides
Here I show you how you can make nice printed labels for permanent microscope slides.
Amateur Microscopy and Amateur Astronomy
I also show you some of my astronomy equipment. And I have an idea on why astronomy is more popular than microscopy.
Microscope Cleaning and Mounting Media
In this video I answer a microscope user’s question about microscope cleaning and the problem of the lack of easily avaliable and safe mounting media for making permanent slides. Removing dust from a microscope: https://youtu.be/h1OhB2BCYHo
The Swift SS110 introductory microscope
This microscope is very portable and low cost. It is good for beginners and for traveling.
My Problems with Live Blood Analysis (LBA)
Proponents of Live Blood Analysis (LBA) claim that by checking the blood of a person using darkfield microscopy, they are able to diagnose illnesses. There is no scientific basis for this. I have occasionally received emails and comments requesting information Read More ...
Buying stereo microscopes
I give some advice concerning the type of lighting, and camera adaptations and a few more things as well.