The Swift SS110 introductory microscope
This microscope is very portable and low cost. It is good for beginners and for traveling.
Swift SW150 microscope
The Swift SW150 is a good low-cost microscope that will get you started in amateur microscopy.
Swift SW380T
The Swift SW380T is a trinocular microscope and I can give it a good recommendation, also because of its affordable price.
Omano OM36
The Omano OM36 microscope comes in a binocular or trinocular version. It is the brand of the company
General-purpose DSLR Adapter
Review of a no-name DSLR adapter for microscopes.
Microscope Camera (5MP)
Review of a 5 megapixel USB 2 microscope camera.
Review: Zoom Stereo Microscope
SZM Series Zoom Stereo Microscope
Telmu Microscope
Review: A low-cost introductory microscope for kids but also for those who want to try out microscopy.
Junior Scope
Having a closer look at the Omano Junior Scope, a children's microscope, but not a toy.
Finally: a good smartphone adapter for a microscope
Article overview: First I give some theoretical background information, and later on in the article I will talk specifically about the smartphone adapter that I presented in the video. Affiliate links to Amazon The adapter in the video can be Read More ...