LabCam iPhone Adapter


The LabCam adapter allows iPhones to be connected to a microscope. Different versions of the adapter are available for the different iPhone models. This adapter differs from other mobile phone adapters in several ways:

  • Specifically made for the iPhone: Everything is pre-aligned and adjusted to fit the corresponding iPhone. The iPhone is pre-centered over the adapter optics and also the correct distance to the optics is maintained.
  • Built-in optics: The built-in optics provide an image that almost fills the full screen. You can zoom in to fill the whole image.
  • Horizontal orientation: The adapter is inserted into the left eyepiece tube and rests on the right one. This keeps adapter and iPhone horizontal.

The box comes with several adapter tubes to fit different microscopes. The following diameters are included: 23.2mm, 28mm, 30mm, 30.5mm, 31.7mm
These adapter tubes have to be connected to the adapter optics.

Because the adapter is custom fit to the iPhone, it is possible to easily remove the phone from the adapter and re-insert it without having to re-align everything again.