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We encourage all interested microscopists, (both experienced, intermediate and beginners) to share their knowledge and their projects by writing shorter or longer articles on amateur microscopy related topics. I will then give these articles a professional layout and include them in the magazine. You retain the copyright of the text and images and these will not be passed on to someone else. Full credit will be given, of course. You can only submit material for which you own the copyright. Please also contribute if you consider yourself inexperienced, after all, there may be many other beginners who are in a similar situation as you are. The magazine should target a wide range of amateur microscopists of different experience levels and interests. Share your experiences, problems and microscopic adventures. If you are a researcher using microscopes, tell the readers what your research is about. Tell us something about the microorganisms that you are studying. Please contribute, even if you consider yourself inexperienced. If you are a struggling beginner, tell us something about the problems that you encountered. If you are an active enthusiast microscopist then share your projects, experiences and observations. Some people like “hardware tinkering”. What microscope adaptations did you make? Are you a teacher or lecturer? Share your microscopic experiences from school or university. This magazine is made by an enthusiast microscopist for other enthusiasts. Let‘s work together to make this project a successful one.

What to submit

Any material (pictures and articles) related to amateur microscopy is welcome! Here is a list of suggestions:

  • Observation projects
  • Microscope maintenance and restoration
  • Book reviews
  • Microscope modifications
  • How-to articles
  • microscopy (research) projects you are/were involved in
  • microscopes in education
  • historical microscopy
  • collecting slides and microscopes
  • problems you may have encountered
  • modifications to microscopes
  • DIY articles
  • theoretical background
  • microscope reviews
  • microscope maintenance
  • micrography and digital image editing
  • applications of microscopes
  • articles about microorganisms and other specimens (Biology rather than microscopy)
  • specimen preparation and staining
  • microtoming
  • safety articles
  • experienced failures (this too can be quite educational)
  • and many more…

When sending articles, please include the following information as well:

  • Article title
  • Author name
  • Optional: a short teaser (2-3 lines) which tells the reader what the article is about
  • Images and micrographs (if relevant) with a short description
  • Optionally a contact email for readers to contact you, should they have questions.

How it works

  • You send me articles and images (you retain copyright and they will not be passed on to anyone else).
  • You will receive a pre-publication PDF for possible modifications.
  • The final PDF is then available for download as well as in print.

You can also submit micrographs for the magazine’s gallery. In this case also indicate the name of the photographer and a short description of what the micrograph shows. Also include relevant information on the microscopic technique used to make the picture and any image processing that took place (stacking, color adjustments etc.).

Please submit the material to: (remove the nospam_ )
You can use an optional article submission form:
Word (DOC) | OpenOffice (ODT) | Rich Text (RTF)

What not to submit

  • Please do not contribute promotional material (advertising), which does not provide any additional value to the reader. Product announcements are, of course, welcome, I only request that it is written in an informative, for microscopists interesting way.
  • I Also do not send me material for which you do not own the copyright and for which you have not obtained the permission to publish it. If you have already published material in a scientific journal or in a book, be aware that the publisher may not like it if sections of this work are republished somewhere else, even if you own the copyright.
  • Also, do not submit any material in which the products of companies are presented in a negative way. This is for liability reasons.

About Pictures

  • For space considerations do not submit multiple very similar pictures.
  • If you use Creative Commons (CC) licensed images, then you must indicate the name and CC license.
  • If the picture was taken inside a private property (museum etc.) make sure that you are allowed to publish this. Also obtain the permission if the pictures contain recognizable faces.

Final words

I hope that such a magazine will act as a motivator for other people to pick up this hobby and that both experienced and new amateur microscopists will find new ideas and motivation for their hobby.

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