What should I do if I want to observe fungi?

When dealing with fungi, including molds, be aware that many of them produce spores, which are not healthy when inhaled. I would therefore advise you to use edible fungi, which can be obtained from fresh food sources,

  • Observe yeast. Dissolve some of it in water and then make a wet mount. Use only a small amount of yeast and make sure that the yeast is fully suspended and free of clumps.
  • Or take some fungi from fresh cheese. Scratch some material off and dissolve in water to make a wet mount. Unlike yeast, many cheese types contain filamentous fungi.
  • Alternatively you might want to take an edible mushroom and knock out some spores. place the cap of the fungus on paper and knock on the fungus to release the spores. Suspend in water to make a wet mount.