Where can I buy electron microscopes?

You want to use electron microscopes for personal and recrational use? The question is rather, are you really able to afford them, do you have a whole lab and support equipment available, and are you willing and able to prepare the specimen for several days before you can observe it? Do you even have the education and trainnig to make use of it?

Electron microscopes are generally not used by amateur microscopists but can be found in research organizations. They sometimes require maintenance personnel and due to the generally high cost of operation, there might even be limited access to them. There are also desktop electron microscopes available, but these too are not used by amateur microscopists. If you are an amateur microscopist using electron microscopes, then please be so kind and write an article about it for the magazine! This would be the first time me hearing about electron microscopes being used by amateurs.

If you want to buy electron microscopes, then you have to talk directly to a manufacturer of these devices. I have also seen people sell used electron microscopes over the Web, but I think you really have to know your stuff in order to buy one of these instruments.