Where can I buy light microscopes?

Many microscope dealers also sell new microscopes over Ebay. Many microscopes are no-name devices which were manufactured anonymously (mostly in China) and then imported and branded for local sale. The mechanical quality of the microscopes can vary widely but one should not forget that the image produced by the microscope depends on the optics used.

  • Specialized microscope dealers: these sell nothing else than microscopes. You might also get good used microscopes from them at a reasonable price. They may have a variety of different brands.
  • Educational supplies companies: They also sell other educational material. Make sure that they have a wide range of microscopes available. In this case the company might have their own microscope sales personnel, who you can contact for questions and advice.
  • Online auctions, such as Ebay: There are microscope dealers who sell new equipment over Ebay. to novices I recommend that you only buy from dealers, so that you have a possibility to return the product.
  • From online stores: Similar as for auction houses, if you know what to buy, then I would not have any reservations. The problem is, that many beginners do not know (yet) what to buy.
  • Directly from big name companies: You can directly contact our local Olympus/Zeiss/Leica/Nikon representative. This is the safest solution. Request an information pamphlet on their range of microscopes.