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What should I do if I want to observe fungi?

Fungi can be interesting to observe, but not all of them are healthy and molds that have spoiled food are particularly a problem.

Which mounting medium should I use?

If you look for a general-purpose mounting medium for making permanent slides, then I recommend Euparal.

Which kinds of mounting medium are there?

Mounting media for making permanent slides can be classified into solvent-based and water-based mounting media.

How can samples be stored before mounting?

Alcohol is a solvent of choice for preserving specimens. Alcohol, however, causes some specimens to shrink.

I can not see any water organisms! What am I doing wrong?

Pond water is a favorite sample to observe. Sometimes, you do not see anything, however. The reason is usually that you took a sample from the water itself and not of the ground.


Growing Algae in a Jar

A drop of inorganic fertilizer greatly enhances the growth of algae in a mini-aquarium.

Why does the mounting medium start to cloud during specimen mounting?

When mounting permanent slides, it is sometimes possible to observe a clouding of the mounting medium surrounding the specimen. When observing the slide under the microscope, one can see that the clouding is due to many small bubbles, which start to appear.

How difficult is the making of permanent slides?

Making permanent slides can be very easy, not much different than making a wet mount. Making permanent slides can also be a time consuming and lengthy process, stretching over several days, and requiring much lab work. As so often the case: It all depends on the specimen.

How do you make a permanent slide?

There is no single recipe for making a permanent slide, as the preparation process depends much on the nature of the specimen and the mounting medium used. I will only give a generic overview of the process, which has to be adapted to the specific specimen.

How do you make wet mounts with much water?

Some specimens are thick and require much water. Here are some possibilities on how to do this, without spilling the water over the corner of the slide.

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