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moss cells (level corrected)

White balance and image quality

Automatic white balance can greatly increase the information content of the images, it can also introduce color artifacts, however.

High speed micrography – stinging nematocysts of a jelly fish

Here is an embedded Youtube video which shows some high speed photography.

What makes a good micrograph?

What determines the quality of a micrograph? Some things are a question of taste. But there are some parameters that appear over and over again in micrographs that win competitions.

What should I do if I want to observe fungi?

Fungi can be interesting to observe, but not all of them are healthy and molds that have spoiled food are particularly a problem.

I have just unpacked my new microscope. Now what?

Here is a list of specimens that can be observed quickly and easily with your new microscope.

Which mounting medium should I use?

If you look for a general-purpose mounting medium for making permanent slides, then I recommend Euparal.

Which kinds of mounting medium are there?

Mounting media for making permanent slides can be classified into solvent-based and water-based mounting media.

How can samples be stored before mounting?

Alcohol is a solvent of choice for preserving specimens. Alcohol, however, causes some specimens to shrink.


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