Welcome to the world of Amateur Microscopy! I love to put stuff under my microscope. Here I share my observations and information about microscopy.
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How I make microscopy videos (behind the scenes look)

Here I give you a behind the scenes look of the Microbehunter Youtube Channel.

How to make large pictures with a microscope

Here I show you how to combine (stitch) several pictures taken with the microscope into one larger high resolution image.

Live tick under the microscope

Here I mounted a tick and was able to see the movement of its organs.

Pollen of a flower under the microscope

Pollen of a Narcissus flower. Here I will be looking at different preparations of pollen (dry and water mounted).

Pond water under the microscope

Vorticella, Stentor, Cholophyceae, and “water fleas” – do not let the complicated names confuse you! Pond water samples almost always contain a many different microbes to observe!

Vintage viewing screen for microscopes

Before the time of digital cameras, these screens were used for direct viewing of microscopic specimens.

Changing the 60x objective of my microscope

This video shows you how to exchange microscope objectives.I ordered a used 60x microscope objective and I unpack it and install it in this video. I also do an image test. I have measured the image size and therefore could include a scale bar on the bottom left with the micrographs. * Unpacking the objective […]

Different types of microtomes for microscopy

Here I show you a rotating microtome and two table microtomes. The rotating microtome is large and heavy and used mostly in histology. The two table microtomes have a different working principle and are also suited for amateur microscopy use.

Microscope comparison – From very expensive to super cheap

Here I will be comparing 4 microscopes based on their image quality at 100x. They produce very similar results. The large microscoepe is an Olympus CH40, a “doctor’s microscope”, as I once read. I also have an Olympus CH-A which I got serviced. There is also a BMS 136 series educational microscope and the ELMO-2 […]

White blood cells (leukocytes)

White blood cells obtained from the site of an infection under the microscope.


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