What are the parts of the compound microscope?
The parts of a compound microscope are explained in this post.
Microscopic observation of EHEC?
Is it possible to use microscopes to identify pathogens, such as the EHEC bacterium, which currently (May-June 2011) causes problems in some parts of Europe? The answer is, unfortunately, no.
How many cells are there in the human body?
Let us calculate the total number of cells in the human body.
Phase Contrast vs. Bright Field Microscopy
These two microscopic techniques are suitable for different specimens.
Answering Reader Questions
Why is refractive index of mounting media important?
Life in the Flower Pot Water (or: Comparing the Size of Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes)
Eukaryotes are significantly larger than prokaryotes.
Euparal Mounting Medium
Euparal is a semi-synthetic mounting medium used in microscopy.
How to obtain the best resolution with your microscope
The resolution that a microscope is capable of achieving is probably the single most important factor that determines the quality of a microscopic image. Without a sufficiently high resolution, magnification is not possible without loss of quality. There are a variety of different factors that determine the achievable resolution. Some of these factors can not be actively influenced by the microscopist, others can. Some of the factors play a larger role, others a smaller one. In the following post, I want to summarize some of these factors.
Cover glass thickness and resolution
The thickness of the cover glass can have a significant impact on the resolution.
Digital methods for improving microscopic photographs
Digital photography gives the users many new possibilities in improving photographs taken through the microscope. This post gives an overview of the different image processing functions that can be applied to microscopic images.