Microscopy Guide

Chapter 1: About Amateur Microscopy

Chapter 2: The Parts of the Microscope

Chapter 3: Using the Microscope

Chapter 4: Choosing a Microscope

Chapter 5: Buying a Microscope

Chapter 6: Making Microscope Slides

Chapter 7: Microscope Maintenance

Chapter 8: Microscopy Techniques

Chapter 9: Observation Tips

Chapter 10: Photomicrography

Chapter 11: Processing of Micrographs

Glossary of Terms

2 thoughts on “Microscopy Guide”

  1. Love this website!!
    Quick question; I know a hemocytometer is used for blood counts, etc., but can it also be used to measure size of fungal spores, or protozoa ? I can’t afford the micrometer (s) for my scope.

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